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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality could be described in many ways–for example, Spirituality could be a pursuit for finding purpose, or it could be the search for personal fulfilment, or truth, or an understanding for the meaning of life and one’s existence, whether in this lifetime or an even grander scope of time.

As such, it’s almost impossible to pin one exact definition to spirituality, as it is ultimately a deeply personal pursuit that varies widely across people and cultures. Ultimately, we endeavor to practice spirituality, or “be spiritual” to receive some sort of relief form material and/or existential sources of stress.

Diya – A New Light!

We wanted to light the way and make spirituality accessible to everyone, that’s why we created Diya—the first platform that’s designed to empower you to practice mindfulness according to your needs.

We are starting by illuminating the world of Vedic and Puranic Mantras, long since used in Eastern Spirituality for material and existential relief.
By creating and organizing a library by everyday goals and motivations, Diya gives you complete freedom and flexibility to take control of your own spiritual path in a time efficient, relevant and accurate manner.

We have worked with some of the best spiritual scholars to summarize relevant mantras and create easy-to-follow audio recordings that empower you and galvanize the appropriate spiritual energies pertinent to your goals.
Simply put, creating and following your own spiritual path has never been easier!

why we came
to light?

“Diya started with a very common problem of stress. Social, professional, etc. And, the simple desire to find healthy methods of relief. From the physical front, I found myriad solutions. While regular exercise certainly provides a necessary release of endorphins and relief, I still found myself left wanting for mindfulness and mental well-being. My mind was still very much restless. And Spirituality, for all its lovely benefits, was just too shadowy to access. I needed some light. Hence, Diya.”

A note from our Founder and CEO, Siddharth Morakhia

“Over the course of my travels, I recognized that mindfulness and spirituality play an increasingly popular role in many people’s lives—a movement against rigid organized religion, or ritual for ritual’s sake. Furthermore, I learnt that spirituality was difficult to describe, let alone define—it varied greatly across contexts and cultures. While there were common themes like finding purpose, attaining relief, and forging connections, etc Spirituality was, is, and always will be ultimately deeply personal.

Across the Indian Subcontinent in particular, Spirituality is very much entrenched in daily life and culture. Yet, understanding spirituality and its archetypes is quite complex. Often, I found explanations were either too generic or too simplistic. For all the spiritual wealth available, the lack of clarity combined with the routine nature of practice was off-putting. I wanted spirituality to be engaging and easy to access. Thus was born Diya! A modern way of looking at Eastern Spirituality that can help anyone interested in mindfulness.”

the-diya-project-guided spirituality-mindfulness activities- Sid Morakhia
Meet the founder

Sid Morakhia has a passion for travel, culture and people’s stories and beliefs. He has lived across North America, Europe, and Asia and has also traveled extensively across Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and in particular: The Indian Subcontinent.

Sid Morakhia was a strategy consultant at PwC-Strategy& in New York where he worked extensively with Fortune500 Companies, Public-Sector Undertakings, and most notably, the United Nations, where he advised on key imperatives under the direct mandate of the Secretary-General. Sid holds an MBA from INSEAD and an undergraduate business degree with honors from New York University’s Stern School of Business.