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What is the
Diya Project?

Our Story

We created the Diya project as a platform to shed light on the world of spirituality; to give you the freedom and flexibility to take control of your own unique spiritual path.

Our Aim

We approach spirituality from the perspective of the individual by building a library of solutions and spiritual outlets around your goals & motivations.

Our Spark

The Diya project started with a very common problem of stress, social, professional, etc. And, the simple desire to find healthy methods of relief.

Daily Mantras

A Mantra can be a simple sound or a combination of words in the form of a hymn, prayer, or poem that are considered to have spiritual meaning and significance. Mantras are considered to resonate with energy in and around an individual. Mantras can be used anywhere and by anyone for both material and existential goals.

the-diya-project-guided spirituality-mindfulness activities- business & wealth
the-diya-project-guided spirituality-mindfulness activities- personal & spiritual
the-diya-project-guided spirituality-mindfulness activities- health & wellness
the-diya-project-guided spirituality-mindfulness activities- education, vedas

“I am not an atheist, but not into strict religion either. I believe more in being spiritual and holistic, and there are many ways to practice mindfulness. The Diya project is a great idea that makes this easy to access”

Avanthika R.

“The " Diya App" is excellent. It is very clean to operate and useful Great Job!! Thank you so much”

Gautam S.