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What is Diya and how it can help you in your Spiritual Journey?

We created The Diya Project as a platform to shed light on the world of spirituality; to give you the freedom and flexibility to take control of your own unique spiritual journey.

The Diya Project approaches the problem of spirituality from the perspective of the individual. We are building a library of solutions and spiritual outlets around your goals and motivations.

Spirituality across India and The East is a treasure trove in terms of culture and mindfulness. For example, Yoga and Meditation are just two of many ways to practice Spirituality that have helped many around the world. Unfortunately, the anthology of Indian Spirituality can be difficult to understand — often because explanations are either too simplistic or too complex and ritualistic.

Mantras, in particular, are widely-used yet quite complex to understand for anybody without extensive knowledge in Mythology. In the Vedic belief system, Mantras are audible sounds or combinations of words (hymns, prayers, etc) that are designed to resonate with the energy around and between all forms of life. They typically draw on Vedic mythology to convey a core point or call upon the correct deity, or personification of energy, to address a problem.

There are more than a million mantras — short and long — that are designed to address various forms of material and existential stress. When recited correctly, Mantras can be calming ways to focus the mind and achieve relief. Unfortunately, the core text, pronunciation, and exact interpretation can be confusing at first glance. Thus, we wanted to provide some light.

With the help of spiritual scholars, The Diya Project has parsed through volumes of Vedic text and selected and categorised mantras relevant for every day goals and motivations — concepts anyone can resonate with. Furthermore, we realise trying to recite, repeat or even find time to practice a mantra can be challenging.That’s why we are putting The Diya Project in an App. We explain and condense each Mantra into an easy-to-follow audio recording that stimulates spiritual energies relevant to your goals — anytime and anyplace where you could “use a little zen.”

And this is just the beginning. Over the coming months, The Diya Project is dedicated to provide simple explanations and background behind many of the spiritual practices of India and the East. We are going to shed light on as much of the world of spirituality as we can so you have the flexibility to understand and create your own spiritual path.

Our core belief is that spirituality is not about mindless routine; rather, it’s an exercise in mindfulness wherein understanding and appreciating the “inwards journey” is most rewarding.

Simply put, creating and following a spiritual path has never been easier. As The Diya Project’s Founder, Siddharth Morakhia puts it;

“The Diya Project started with a very common problem of stress. Social, professional…etc. And, the simple desire to find healthy methods of relief.

From the physical front, I found myriad solutions. While regular exercise certainly provides a necessary release of endorphins and relief, I still found myself left wanting for mindfulness and mental well-being. My mind was still very much restless. And Spirituality, for all its lovely benefits, was just too shadowy and confusing to access. I needed some light. Hence, The Diya Project.”

You can read more about The Diya Project, Spirituality and Vedic and Puranic mantras in the upcoming Q&A sessions with Siddharth exclusively on this blog.

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