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The Left and Right hand of Hindu Mythology Our world is one of balance – or at least we perceive it to be so. It’s echoed in our science and our scriptures. And some of the oldest religions and mythologies in our world observe this balance through an understanding of duality. In Vedic (Hindu)

Finding the Starting Line “Well, that’s depressing…” We often throw the term “depression” around quite liberally to describe events or stimuli that do not seem uplifting--or more colloquially, to describe events that seem “sad.” In many ways, a series of momentary displeasures can desensitize us to a larger and more chronic issue.  True depression is not the

The Blank Canvas  Picture it, an empty page and some paint and brushes at your disposal. What would you draw? What inspires you? What message would you like to convey? The notion of starting afresh can be equally daunting and exhilarating. On the one hand, your options are limitless--or perhaps, only limited by your own creativity. On