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Topic: A Signature of the Divine

Join The Diya Project’s Sid Morakhia and Music Vruksh’s Nithya Rajendran on a soulful exploration of Classical Music in our series on spiritual sounds and wellness.

Music can be a hidden key to managing mindfulness, emotions and by extension our bodies. This fascinating discussion and demonstration focuses on helping find holistic wellness and encourages deeper levels of mindfulness and emotional awareness.

Over this session, we continue our journey across Indian, or Hindustani, Classical Music and delve into the famed Carnatic tradition, techniques of Riyaaz, and the connections of Spirituality, Raagas and Moods.

Whether it be Hindustani classical or Carnatic classical music, the collective genre of Indian classical music derives its origins from the primordial sounds of the Vedas. While Carnatic music explores this connect with divinity through the moving devotional compositions of the great trinity composers such as Saint Thyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Shyama Shastry, Hindustani music explores this spiritual connect using deep connections with the sounds of nature, the moods of the seasons and times of day.

It thus comes as no surprise that many composers and artists have found close links between Indian Classical Music and a person’s emotional, spiritual and psychological states.

Nithya Rajendran is an accomplished Indian Classical Music vocalist and founder of Music Vruksh, a venture that aims to demystify Indian Classical Music and make it accessible to everyone so that it is available for its aesthetic, emotive, spiritual and transformative potential.

Nithya uses Indian Classical Music to help individuals benefit from its calming and centering effects, which have immense potential for emotional wellness. Indian classical music derives its origins from the primordial sounds of the Vedas. It also has powerful, deep connections to the sounds of nature, the moods of the seasons and times of day.

She has had over 35 years training, and has been a professional performer of both the Hindustani and Carnatic forms of music. Nithya is an All India Radio empaneled artist for Carnatic Music, an erstwhile rank holder in Hindustani Classical Music from Mumbai University, and has many concerts and concert demonstrations to her credit including at the World Trade Center Mumbai, World Vegetarian Congress and various cultural festivals such as SoBo Fest and the International Festival of Spiritual India, among others.

Nithya’s interviews, articles and quotes on various aspects of spirituality, music and wellness have appeared in many leading publications including The Sunday Guardian,
Business Standard, CNBC TV 18, Outlook, The Week, Deccan Herald, She the People, Swarajya, Hans India, Life Positive, Life and More, Momspresso, The Citizen and Thrive Global among others.

Nithya has been a practitioner of fitness, Yoga and meditation for many years, and is passionate about self-development, psychology, spirituality and the workings of the human mind.

Sid Morakhia has a passion for travel, culture and people’s stories and beliefs. He has lived across North America, Europe, and Asia and has also traveled extensively across Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and in particular: The Indian Subcontinent.

Sid Morakhia was a strategy consultant at PwC-Strategy& in New York where he worked extensively with Fortune500 Companies, Public-Sector Undertakings, and most notably, the United Nations, where he advised on key imperatives under the direct mandate of the Secretary-General. Sid holds an MBA from INSEAD and an undergraduate business degree with honors from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Place: Facebook Live (The Diya Project’s Facebook Page)

Date: 12th September, 2020

Time: 5 PM IST

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