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An Introduction to Buddhism; Origin and spread A religion and a way of life that is 2,500 years old still holds relevance today. We look at how Buddhist spirituality started and spread through the world.  It’s easy to say we know almost everything about Buddhist spirituality. Some of us were taught about it in history classes

Education: The Purest Stimulus Learning, in any form, is one of the most rewarding activities in life. A good education opens doors to personal and professional growth, concurrently stimulating the mind and body in the most positive of ways.  Education and the search for knowledge have formed the foundation for all spiritual and scientific progress across

We begin The Diya Project Blog with an exclusive interview with its Founder and CEO, Siddharth Morakhia. In this first session, Sid talks about spirituality, religion, mindfulness and mantras. About Spirituality Interviewer: A simple question. What is spirituality? The Diya Project: That is a grand question, which can be neither answered correctly nor incorrectly. Spirituality could be described in many ways —