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Your guide to mindfulness mantras and stress relief, enabling self love, inner peace and wellness living The diya app We create artworks Scroll down
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We are your guide to mindfulness and stress relief, enabling self-love, inner peace and wellness living. A mindfulness coach helping you live with enhanced productivity, focus to do, concentration, daily motivation and positivity.

We have worked with some of the best spiritual scholars to summarise relevant mantras and create easy-to-follow audio recordings that empower you and galvanise the appropriate spiritual energies pertinent to your goals.

Simply put, creating and following your own spiritual path has never been easier!


Diya aims to alleviate anxiety, stress and everyday tension by relaxing sounds helping an individual attain a moment on zen amidst the chaos.

Our library is filled with mantras pertaining to specific goals like business and wealth, education, health and wellness and personal and spiritual. By creating and organising a library of daily motivation, positivity and personal goals, Diya can act as your own mindful health coach. Diya gives you complete freedom and flexibility to take control of your own spiritual path in a time-efficient, relevant and accurate manner.

Choose the mantra that you’d like to listen to and block a slot for yourself!


Diya covers many daily goals and motivations like:

- Job and Career
- Money and Wealth
- Legal Issues
- Business
- Relationships
- Applying to University or Schools
- Ensuring Children’s Education
- Managing Exam and School-Related Stress
- Preparing for Exams and Grades
- Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
- Losing Weight
- Dealing with Health Issues
- Dealing with Crises
- Difficult Colleagues
- And many more daily goals and motivations